New layout . . . and some otha new sh*t

So, I'm a Spring baby & it's my fav fav season of them all. Not just because the weathers on it's way back to how I like it ... hot as hell, but also because everything's coming back to life and getting it's color back. In honor of my fav season I decided to get a new, more brighter layout for this blog. I love, love, love the turnout, thanks to the gorgeous and talented Divalicous Designs!!! Don't forget to come check it out.

Some otha updates ....

I got an Ipod Touch & am finally getting the hang of it .... love it. It's definitely going to get alot of use. Especially since I'm back on track with my workouts!!!
So far I'm just downloading music & photos. I'll tackle the other stuff as I go. I also want to download a fitness app to track my progress. If you have one, feel free to enlighten me on otha stuff you can do with up ... I know there has to be more!

On a less 'brighter' note, my Bahama's Cruise was cxl'ed :-( I've decided not to let it get me down, eventhough I was soooo looking forward to it. I'll just have to go another time, probably waaay after hurricane season. We've decided to take the babies to the Rapids and spend the weekend in West Palm. We'll probably also catch the Youth Festival on Virginia Beach and I'll get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, I'm sure this will still be a great '24' for me since I'll be with the peeps who love me most and get some time to work on what I actually want to be doing!!

Last, but certainly not least ... the Boutique is up!!!! You can go right now and get hats, t-shirts, totes, keychains, & mousepads. More merchandise will be added soon. Once the book is available, it will also be added with autographed & packaged options. Soooo excited about that. Don't forget to check it out by clicking the 'Cc's Boutique' tab!!!


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