Please Note ...

Never be the same Fool Twice ... always learn from the dumb sh*t you gotta go through, otherwise you're just as dumb as the sh*t.

I'm Just a {B}Logger at Heart ...

So ... I'm working on a new project that included me looking through all of my ancient journals!!! I love going back and realizing just how far I've come on soooo many different levels. One dream of mine was always to start up a magazine. Back in the day I would create all these little journals, seperate from my private ones, and let my friends read through them like it was an actual magazine! I ran across one and decided to share it with my blogger world. It was funny to me, because here I am almost 10 years later, still sharing all the craziness that runs through my mind ... hope you enjoy!!!


Stepping stones .... that's my coping mantra.
Everything that you go through in life is a step closer to where you want to be. Be it good or bad. You're going to have low points that make you wanna crawl under a rock and die. And you're gonna have high moments that will have you thinking that life couldn't possibly turn it's back on you. Regardless of what happens, you have to keep moving forward. Don't allow the bad times to pull you backwards and don't let the good times keep you stagnant. Recognize it all for what it is ... stepping stones.
Keep it movin'.

Easy like Sunday morning ...

Felt good when I woke up today. All is not perfect in my world lately ... but I'm alive, healthy, & able. So **** it, I'm good. Not doing much today. Gonna get some R&R and do what I love.

Every Woman Needs ...

to know her worth and what she will & won't accept.


Everyone deserves a break from everyday life. A time to gather your thoughts and figure out where you are in life. That's just what I've been doing for these couple days I've had off and I've come to some harsh realities. Only problem is ... now I have to figure out what to do about them. Keep moving like I don't know? Deal with it and the consequences that come along with dealing with it? Give myself time to think about what I really want, and not just what I want to do right now? I really don't know at this moment. So I guess I'll be up late tonight ... writing.



The girls threw a little bday celebration for me at work and the theme was SupaStar for a day. Check out the pics below ...

and the 'Most Anticipated Author' award goes to ...


the decor.

footnote ... see why I'm always to busy to call anyone???

It's my Destiny

the cake was filled with strawberries ... Mmmmm.

Special Thanks to Korri, Scarlett, Jazzy & my screamin' fan Vanessa ... love you girls!!!

And ....

It's EARTH DAY so be as green as you can be , and don't forget to turn off your lights for 1 minute at 9pm. {I have kiddies, of course I watch Nick}

Happy B~Day to Me ... Happy B~Day Little B ... and some otha sh*t

Today is the Big 2~4 for me and I share this special day with an old friend of mine's daughter!!!!! I'm at work but you should see all the love ... I'll defintely post pics later tonight. Not big on the party scene so I'll probably be in chill mode for the rest of my day. The best part is ... I'm on vacation after this, bitches!!!! And believe me, I need one ... from everything!!!! Also, don't forget to check out my pro~blog at Redroom for my monthly update ... just click on Cc's Links at the top of this page and then on Cc's Monthly Updates.

be back soon ... Cc.

Nite, nite.

Aiight ... I'm takin' my crazy ass to sleep.

It's TC, bitches.

I kind of fell into watching CandyGirls since it comes on right after Kimmy K & the crew, but I'm not mad that I did. It's always interesting to me to see how others live their lives {I like to watch drama vs. living it} Tonight's show portrayed Terricka in a very different light. I'm so used to the "bitch" but tonight she actually seemed real to me. No longer untouchable and unmoved. Love gets the best of us all and the blatant truth is the we DO care about what others think. We ARE afraid to put ourselves out there, because of all the risks involved. No one is immune to it, no matter who strong we may APPEAR to be. It was actually kind of refreshing and I like her more for it. It shows that the REAL strength is in taking those risk inspite of the naysayers.

Just Do It ... like Nike said.

I am the queen of procrastination.

There, I said it.

I'll know what I have to do ... decide when I'm going to do it. Create a whole entire plan to do it ... and I still won't do it. Why??? I guess it's something I need to right about, because I still don't know the answer to that one 3 days shy of 24 years. What I do know is that it's hindering me, and a great teacher once told me, 'any trait that you have that is hindering you, practice getting rid of it ... you can change anything that you want, all you have to do is want to'. So my plan today and everyday on, is to take heed to that great teacher. I was even procrastinating on writing this blog!! I'm laying there watching Candy Girls {1 of my guilty pleasures}, ideas upon ideas popping into my mind, but I'm also thinking ... I need to take my ass to sleep. I'm tired, but if I can stay up to watch some damn show I sure as hell can write what's on my mind. Especially since my last blog was about doing whatever it takes to do what you love! So yeah, here I am ... writing. And I'm making it a personal goal to be here every night. So prepare to be OD'ed on Cc, blogger world. I hope you're ready ...

Back to Me.

With all that goes on in the world, it's very easy to get caught up in what everyone is doing and has going on. Easy to lose yourself in the process. My free time today has me thinking about all the days I spent, years ago, just getting to know me. Writing journals and reading books. Just doing me. I am sadly, so far away from that now. I'm way too busy to write a daily journal. I barely make a weekly blog post on here! Think about it, how did you get to know your mate? How have you gotten to know your friends? By talking and spending time, right? So how will you ever really know yourself, if you don't have time for a conversation? I'm not talking the '10 minutes from being admitted' kind of talking to yourself. I mean a conversation for your soul. The kind of writing that leads to answers to questions that will lead to a better you. Life has definitely been on auto-pilot for awhile for me. And while I've recently set out to 'get back to me', I have to be honest with myself - this will not be easy. Back in the 'good old days' I'd stay up till 6 the next morning {on a school day} writing about what ever was bugging me. I'd write until I found the answer ... and it never failed me. Not once. Always left me feeling grounded and safe, because now I knew that I had an answer and I would be okay. It's different strokes for different folks. Writing is for me. If you feel at peace when you dance, then dance. Or when you're singing, sing. Or when you're painting, paint. Or even when you're crunching numbers, grab a calculator. What ever it is for you ... do it. Because it's much easier to recognize that gift when you continuously cultivate it. It's hella hard once you decide to take a detour, thinking life will lead you back to you. It won't. Letting life lead the way will get you stuck with no gas on the turnpike ... in your hooptie. Trust me, I know these things. Writing has always been what keeps me sane, but life kind of gets in the way. You wake up and you have errands to run, a job to go to, a job to actually do. Then you get home and you have a family to feed, a house to keep, a man to please. You get me? Should I write once everyone is off to sleep long after I should have been in bed myself since I'm the only one getting up at 5 am to start my routine all over again??? That was a trick question, because even though it sounds like the answer should be 'hell to the nah' ... the answer is yes. Because if I don't, then I lose me ... and if I lose me, I'm no good to anyone. You see how it works? If you don't do what makes you essentially happy, you will lose yourself. And once you wake up and realize you're lost, you'll be on one hell of a search and find mission because you won't feel right until you're back home. Back safe. I need to get back to me.

New layout . . . and some otha new sh*t

So, I'm a Spring baby & it's my fav fav season of them all. Not just because the weathers on it's way back to how I like it ... hot as hell, but also because everything's coming back to life and getting it's color back. In honor of my fav season I decided to get a new, more brighter layout for this blog. I love, love, love the turnout, thanks to the gorgeous and talented Divalicous Designs!!! Don't forget to come check it out.

Some otha updates ....

I got an Ipod Touch & am finally getting the hang of it .... love it. It's definitely going to get alot of use. Especially since I'm back on track with my workouts!!!
So far I'm just downloading music & photos. I'll tackle the other stuff as I go. I also want to download a fitness app to track my progress. If you have one, feel free to enlighten me on otha stuff you can do with up ... I know there has to be more!

On a less 'brighter' note, my Bahama's Cruise was cxl'ed :-( I've decided not to let it get me down, eventhough I was soooo looking forward to it. I'll just have to go another time, probably waaay after hurricane season. We've decided to take the babies to the Rapids and spend the weekend in West Palm. We'll probably also catch the Youth Festival on Virginia Beach and I'll get a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. So, I'm sure this will still be a great '24' for me since I'll be with the peeps who love me most and get some time to work on what I actually want to be doing!!

Last, but certainly not least ... the Boutique is up!!!! You can go right now and get hats, t-shirts, totes, keychains, & mousepads. More merchandise will be added soon. Once the book is available, it will also be added with autographed & packaged options. Soooo excited about that. Don't forget to check it out by clicking the 'Cc's Boutique' tab!!!


Playing Around with Pics ....

**The Lewis Gang **

Where you can read ME ...

Hey Peps,

I've recently updated the 'where you can read me' section of my blog. It goes as follows ...

* Cc's Channel is my youtube page. Right now you can find videos that I love. Eventually I'll be posting videos myself & the fam so you can get a closer look at the real me ;-)
* Cc's Monthly Updates is my RedRoom page. There you will find monthly updates on books and any other up & comings dealings. Updates are done on the 22nd day of each month.
* Cc's Poetry Corner is my Triond page. There you can find mainly poetry I've written & soon, a few articles that I've written.
*Cc's Black Writer Page is a community I've recently joined to connect with more writers. They say you are who you hang around!

~Stay tuned ... there's soo much more to come~

Good morning & ...

Happy Easter, everyone!!!

Please Note ...

It's NOT what you do ... It's HOW you do it.

I got Tagged!

Farrielle tagged me to list 7 things that you DON'T know about me. The rules are simple. You're supposed to link to the person who tagged you and write 7 things about yourself. Then tag 7 people and let them know so they can write 7 things. That shouldn't be too hard, let's see ....

1) I'm damn near legally blind ... seriously, but my new glasses almost make up for it {love them}

2) I'm a paralegal.

3) My 3rd favorite past time is target practice at the range.

4) My Hubby is my very first love.

5) My daughter was born on her father's bday ... my gift to him!

6) I'm Bahama bound for my 24th B-day!!!

. . . AND . . .

7) My family is complete ... I don't ever want to be preggers again in this lifetime. Real Talk.

So, there you have it. 7 things that I'm sure you didn't know about me, and to be honest ... that was kind of hard!! Hope you enjoyed.

Thanks for visiting!

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