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Miami Children's Hospital Foundation was incorporated in December 1976 as Variety Children's Hospital Foundation. The Foundation was created to raise funds and awareness for Miami Children's Hospital, which first opened its doors in 1950. In 1982, under the leadership of the first President, Ambassador David M. Walters, the Foundation began raising funds to develop a new hospital campus. His determination to help the hospital become a leader in pediatric medical care was inspired by the loss of his granddaughter Shannon to leukemia at the tender age of six. The first step was the organization of a professional staff, the second was to attract community leaders as Board Members and finally, to find a way to encourage public support for this important effort.

Today, Miami Children's Hospital Foundation's development efforts help fund:
*Education and training of doctors, nurses, and technicians
*Development of new and advanced medical programs
*The Research Institute
*Facility Development

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Mello Mondays

Downtown Hollywood's best kept secret, I kid you not. Blusters is DEFINITELY the place to be on Mondays!! I am not a PARTY animal in any sense of the word. I prefer blockbuster nights over loud music & drunk bitches any day. But last night ... a Monday night at that ... was well worth the trip, even AFTER a 12 hour workday. Spoken word performances. Live, original music. Food & drinks. I was in heaven.

More than a couple of times I found myself engulfed in the words of the many artist & poets who took the stage. Amazed at the apparent absence of fear. Inspired by the obvious love for the craft. Virgins had their "cherries" popped, while the Vets were welcomed with opened arms & applause. Whatever your style, the floor was your pad, while your words and tears supplied the ink to express your story. I felt at home.

So, yes ... Blusters will be the new hang out spot.

EXTREME stupidity

For those of you who haven't been introduced to "Pimpin Curly" I'd like to introduce .... hilarious to say the least. 50 is a straight fool. I really don't follow the beef & I don't judge, however ... this shit is pure comedy. Keep em' coming, if only for the laughs.

Rain, rain ... go the hell away.

runny nose. sore throat. nausea. what the hell is wrong with me???

I usually love rainy weather ... it always sets the mood for me. But, not today. Today, I'm relating more to the black clouds than the rain puddles. Pray for me, ya'll ... it's definitely going down.

happy hour.

This week has been a rough one for me, for more reasons than one. Between work, school & the hubby ... shit has just been hectic. Trying to juggle it all sometimes gets to me, real talk. I know I'm supose to be Supa Woman ... but the truth is I'm not. I have feelings & most of the time I'm 2 minutes from saying FUCK it all. Really. I'm not sure what it is that keeps me going. Could be the smiles & happy dance I get EVERYTIME I walk into the door from my babies. Could be the money that wakes me up before my body everyday. I'm not sure. But it's moments like this when I don't even give a FUCK that I don't know. Right now .. I REALLY DON'T GIVE A FUCK about anything at all. I feel good. Damn Good. And I owe it all to a glass & a bottle. So here's to you ... the glass & the bottle.

Lewis FamBam 2009

This is us ... hate it or luv it. These are the ones who can & do get my very last and then some. Nothing & no one will ever be more important to me in this life. I always knew that I wanted a tight-knit family. Something better than what I had growing up. I must say, it ain't perfect or easy ... but it's always worth it.

Me & My Girlfriend

There's a new Bitch in my life, and she's a definite badd one. I'm just sayin ...

LOVELESS. an allegory of love for self

Loveless was the type of girl that would do anything for love. Cooking was a chore and cleaning was a daily task. She used all she'd attained naturally and enhanced whatever was lacking in order to allow nothing to come between the true love that she longed for and herself. One day while getting the house ready for a definite canidate to end her love search, Loveless stumbled upon the cutest little pure white maltese puppy.
"Hi, little puppy what's your name?"
"My name is Purpose, and I'm yours."
"Well are you lost, little Purpose?"
"Not anymore, I am yours."
Loveless was a little confused as to why anyone would name a puppy Purpose but loved him all the same. Her date had stood her up that night and Loveless hadn't even noticed. This act alone was usually enough to send her in a world of self pity that would consume her until the next guy came along. But this time, Loveless was too busy with a little Purpose to even notice, let alone care about some guy that she didn't know.
Days turned into months and months turned into years. Little Purpose had turned out to be exactly what Loveless needed in her life. She gave Loveless a sense of joy that made her appreciate everything that she did have in her life, instead focusing on the things that seemed to elude her. She found in Purpose a real friend that allowed her to truly be herself and not try to be anything other than who she was.
One day while out at the mall, a nice looking gentle man approached Loveless. Seeing has how she had left home sans any makeup and only sported an all white warm up suit and a neat pony tail, Loveless was completely caught off guard by his invitation to join him for dinner that night. As excited as she was, she didn't have time to completely prepare for her dinner date that was a mere 3 hours away. She still had errands to run and her Purpose to tend to. With only a half hour before her date was scheduled to arrive, Loveless took a quick shower, picked out a simple yet pretty dress, and let her hair down. This was a far cry from the usual 360 she'd pull when getting ready for her previous dates but she was pleased with her appearence.
"Hell, if doesn't like it he can kick rocks."
And with that attitude Loveless answered the door after her date's 2nd knock. As she stood in the doorway, she noticed as his mouth formed into a blinding smile.
"I must say, you look absolutly lovely tonight."

The moral of this story, ladies & gents, is that with a little purpose {whateva it maybe} life is way more enjoyable than it is when you sit around waiting and focusing on what you DON'T have. What will happen, will happen and worrying about won't make it happen any faster. Remember that & get some busyness about yourself.

Underneath the Stars ...

The Hubby & I were kidless this weekend and decided to act on the gift that it was. We drove down to The Keys and experienced our most beautiful & peaceful weekend since the babies started rollin' in. We cruised down Duval Street, then visted some of the shops {the ones that were opened round 11'ish} and then hit the beach. It was nice just to be out of the everyday surroundings. It was a first for both of us, which is really sad once you take in the fact that we've both pretty much lived in Sunny SoFlo all of our lives. It definitely won't be the last, though.

THE MOST AWESOMEST GADGET, EVER ... okay maybe not ever, but it REALLY came in handy on our trip. Like I said before, we had never been there and nobody that we knew could really tell us how to get there and what to expect. When I say this little thingy took us straight to our parking spot with turn by turn audio instructions ... I was amazed. Even got us to the beach without having to ask the mostly drunken locals or the other obvious tourists. I know I'm probably crazy late on this, but none the less I am enlightened. You know it's gonna take permanent residence in my truck. I get lost every where I go. Seriously. But not anymore!!!

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