"My ex-girlfriend taught me a valuable lesson, if you don’t show a woman you love her and give your all to her—she knows it."

So today I've been reading through all the blogs I've subscribed to but never look at, lol. I came across one that I think will make the top 10 list, just so I can keep up with his posts. The blog is BLACKGIRLSAREEASY.BLOGSPOT.COM ... and I will admit that the only reason I even clicked on it is becasue I was ready to read this fool for such a ratchet damn blog title. However, after reading through some posts I realized that although the blog title is very ignorant (he admitted it as well) he really isn't. It's actually a blog about relationships or in some cases just relations, from a man's POV. I'd check it out, ladies ... if only for a peak inside the mind of man who seems to have done it all AND actually learned something from it!

SN ... the title quote is very, very true ☺

♥Ciara "Cc" Denise

Happy Holidays!!!

... From my family to yours!

♥Ciara "Cc" Denise

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♥Ciara "Cc" Denise
Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

{{Worrying about the next person will get you know where fast ... Focus on whats important: which is YOU becoming the best YOU possible.}}

♥Ciara "Cc" Denise

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