Where Pookie at?!?!?!?

I'm tired ass ALL hell ... but it was worth it ya'll!!! RHOA was crazy funny last night!!! Who goin' check me boo?!?!?!? LMFAO .... can you believe that???? Love those women. I was especially touched by Kandi's story and I'm already addicted to the stupidity that is Kim. That chick has some real issues!!! I know I'll be up waaayyy past bedtime every Thursday night for awhile now.

Letting go of the hurt & pain
is the hardest thing you'll ever have to do,
but trust when I say
it's the ONLY way
to become a better you.
Simple words that I'm still learning to live by ... work in progress.


More Bday Celebrating ...

Took the kiddies to Chuck E Cheese for Ryn's bday today. They had a ball & are now knocked OUT ... so I'm extra happy. The cake was hella good from Homestyle in Opa Locka {never knew they did cakes} So now I get some me time and all is right with the world ;-) ... I'll post pics later.

I will flip you ova that couch ... fa' real

Wooohooo!!!!! I finally get some drama back in my life via late night television. I try to keep my personal life as drama free as possible - in case you haven't noticed. I'm a pretty laid back female, but who doesn't like a little drama ... every now & again!?!?!?! Nene and 'em are finally back and to top it off ... my favorite singer/songwriter has joined the gang, Kandi!!!! Been a fan since the first Kandi album ... so, yeah looking forward to learning more. I've been trying to catch Tiny&Toya, to no avail. I just never remember ... but maybe now I'll flip back and forth, cus I know I won't be missing my Real Housewives of Atlanta. Definitely a gulity pleasure.


Happy Birthday to the Loves of my Life

Just two short years ago today I fell in love for the second time in my life .... Happy Birthday Rynnie!!!!!

Just so happen to be on the birthday of my very first Love's ... Happy Birthday, Baby!!!
Together, you two bring our family full circle. The first & the last ... thank god!!!


Music Makes Me Happy

So, I've been running through all my old cds and flipping through youtube videos for the better part of today and I swear to you ... I've experienced every emotion one person can possibly feel in one day!! I've been crying, laughing, staring blankly at nothing in paticular, all because of whatever song is on at any given moment. Sounds like I've on some type of drug, right?!?!? Well, glad to say it ... I'm drug free cause that's the way to be. The only thing that's been gettin' me high today is good ole' MUSIC. Love it, all of it. I've been listening to everything from the old New Edition to the New {but old now!} New Edition!!! Montell Jordan, Aaliyah, Monifah, Total ... even N-Toon. Don't know who that is???? Well, I'm sure you know of Young Lloyd {Street Love, Southside, You, Girls around the world} ... it's the group he started out in many many many years ago, google it. It's crazy, cuz I didn't even know he was in that group and I've been looking for that song "Ready" forever!!! I'm just ramblin' now, but I've definitely been in my zone today. Good times. Good times.


This is Badd, real badd ... Michael Jackson

A tribute to Mike made by a very talented member of the fam.


Enjoy your Holiday!!!


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