Fam Pics

The Hubby & I decided to take the kiddies on their very first train ride yesterday. They had a blast trying to call out everything they recognized outside the window while on the train. We rode up to WPB, where one of my Besties stay. Did a little eating, site seeing, & shopping. Here are some of the pics for your veiwing pleasure ...


Just wanted to share ...

Sooo, I've been floating on cloud 9 lately ...
Everything seems to be going awesomely {don't care if it's not really a word!} in every aspect of my life.

The family ... Awesome!
The job ... Double Awesome!!
The career ... Triple Awesome!!!
I really couldn't be happier right now, and I'm continously planting seeds to continue to get closer to my goals. No amount of hating could interfer with my vibe, right now. I'm happy, just wanted to share ... ;-)

... updates coming soon ...
Job vs. Career ... and why you need both for now.
Family Outing Pics
Family fun on a budget
TTGRT Update


TTGRT Update ...

... Ummmm, let's just say I need a do-over ...


WTF Did they think he was gonna do?!?!?!?

I love Beyonce ... I love Taylor Swift .... I love Kanye ... I even love Amber Rose ...

...but this was just hilarious!!!!!!

WTF did MTV think he was gonna do when they pulled this stunt AND seated Kanye near the front stage?!?!?!?

I personally think they wanted the drama ... why else would they re-hire that British guy???

Remembering ...

... the the victims of 9/11 on the 8th anniversary of this great tragedy.



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WHY do guys that cheat get mad when they find out that their girl is cheating, also????
Did REALLY not expect it {or understand it}?!?!?!?
I need some outside input to understand this shit ... and I'll elaborate later ;-)

Ms. Keri, baby ...

Wow ... I know I'm late as ALL hell, but I am literally in love with 'A Perfect World'. I've actually had it for a long while, but only listened to the songs that I knew from the radio. The songs I had already fallen for, but had grown tired of hearing .... so, in the case the cd went until recently I needed something to take my mind off the mundane & boring that is my day job. I decided to give the rest of the cd a chance and what do I get ... a blast from the damn past!! I swear I can only currently relate to one song ... Make Love, cause that's how I've been feelin' lately about my Honey bunz. But when I tell you, at some point in time I've felt every single damn thing this Chick is singing about ... it is really crazy. I think she's been reading ALL of my damn journals!!! CRAZY. But I love her for it. Just revisiting without actually having to go that crazy shit, is kinda nice. I'm definitely in my zone with Ms. Keri. Don't change me, Tell him the truth, Where'd you go, Alienated, Intuition, Energy ... My whole damn life story right there.


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