WHY do guys that cheat get mad when they find out that their girl is cheating, also????
Did REALLY not expect it {or understand it}?!?!?!?
I need some outside input to understand this shit ... and I'll elaborate later ;-)


~Kymmy~ said...

Because they're selfish and simple. They don't understand how much it hurts until they feel it. Men often have that "I can do it to u but u can't do it to me" syndrome going on.

**5 Star Chick** said...

(IMO) Have you ever heard someone say Girls mature quicker than Boys. Surely you have and it’s basically why men choose to cheat. Their childish and have fear of commitment. They also think they can do no wrong and are slicker at the game than we are. ((NOT)) Some guys cheat because of past relationships gone wrong. They hold bad emotions deep inside and are scared of commitment which is no excuse. They think with the lower head instead of the top one if you know what I mean. MAINLY Guys are sooo Jealous Hearted!!!

SydneyRenee' said...

I love this question and I seem to always wonder the same thing. I believe all guys who cheat are insecure and they get mad when they find out their girl is cheating because they are selfish and want to be the only one doing it.

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

ok. i'm not gonna let yall bash dudes on this one. lol. seriously, from a male's perspective. men get mad because it's a blow to the ego. women aren't expected to cheat, let alone "your" woman. that's just not suppose to happen.

women automatically think it's them, as the reason their dude stepped out. dude's automatically think you're a hoe. like kymmy said above, it's a selfish issue. men understand how much it hurts you, but it's a "i didn't care in the moment" thing. women have the same kinda selfishness but it's not as hurtful. yanno when you're shopping spending up all his money and "you don't care in the moment".

but when a woman cheats, that's probably one of the deepest cuts you can give a dude. no matter what the reason. no matter how bad he is. you cheating is you saying, "i don't need/want you". and that is what kills his ego, his trust, his security. because men offer security through physical & financial means. but women offer loyalty as security. and once you lose that, you've lost her.

Cc.Denise said...

I get your point, we feel the same. So heres an idea, do unto others as you want done to you. No??? There really is no excuse for it. If you are not happy or I'm not all the woman you need, then leave. I won't stop you. Go find the one that makes you want to stay your ass home and be happy.Or just be honest and allow the other person to decide if they want to deal with you being with other people. On the same accord, you can't get mad if she decides that one man isn't enough for her as long as she is being honest. I don't think it's as complicated as people make it seem. If I'm not happy with you we need to have a conversation. If I'm still not happy to the point that I need someone else to fill in the gap, we need to have a seperation. See, it's simple.The problem is that everyone is scared of being alone, ultimately. So they lie to continue to secure what they already have. It's selfish and someone will get hurt. I'm just sayin.

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