Just wanted to share ...

Sooo, I've been floating on cloud 9 lately ...
Everything seems to be going awesomely {don't care if it's not really a word!} in every aspect of my life.

The family ... Awesome!
The job ... Double Awesome!!
The career ... Triple Awesome!!!
I really couldn't be happier right now, and I'm continously planting seeds to continue to get closer to my goals. No amount of hating could interfer with my vibe, right now. I'm happy, just wanted to share ... ;-)

... updates coming soon ...
Job vs. Career ... and why you need both for now.
Family Outing Pics
Family fun on a budget
TTGRT Update



♥Chymere♥ said...


Traci Lavette said...

I sooooooo love your outlook on life, family, careers, jobs, etc! Your energy is powerful and I need like-minded people in my space and am glad we happened upon each other.

I am now following you so I will get to be in-the-know on your wonderful thoughts. The family is beautiful, and the quotes off to the side of your page...will be alternating between them for my Outlook signatures.


tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

wow that's great. i know i'm all late with it. but ppl rarely congratulate people for good stuff like life. it's always that..."i've been doing so bad..but hey this great thing happened today".

glad God is blessing you, hope he continues to give you that awesomeness..(stop stealing my word) lol

Nativa said...

You go girl! I could feel your positivenes and happiness vibe. I am happy for you!

Don't change a thing, just keep moving forward!

Cc.Denise said...

Thanks for the luv, guys!!!

Thanks for visiting!

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