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Wow ... I know I'm late as ALL hell, but I am literally in love with 'A Perfect World'. I've actually had it for a long while, but only listened to the songs that I knew from the radio. The songs I had already fallen for, but had grown tired of hearing .... so, in the case the cd went until recently I needed something to take my mind off the mundane & boring that is my day job. I decided to give the rest of the cd a chance and what do I get ... a blast from the damn past!! I swear I can only currently relate to one song ... Make Love, cause that's how I've been feelin' lately about my Honey bunz. But when I tell you, at some point in time I've felt every single damn thing this Chick is singing about ... it is really crazy. I think she's been reading ALL of my damn journals!!! CRAZY. But I love her for it. Just revisiting without actually having to go that crazy shit, is kinda nice. I'm definitely in my zone with Ms. Keri. Don't change me, Tell him the truth, Where'd you go, Alienated, Intuition, Energy ... My whole damn life story right there.


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tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

lol...i feel that way about Tank's songs. in fact dude need to slide me a little commission of his sales cause he jacked the story of my whole divorce on his Love, Sex & Pain album.

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