Fam Pics

The Hubby & I decided to take the kiddies on their very first train ride yesterday. They had a blast trying to call out everything they recognized outside the window while on the train. We rode up to WPB, where one of my Besties stay. Did a little eating, site seeing, & shopping. Here are some of the pics for your veiwing pleasure ...



tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

aww that's cool. look like yall had a great time. i took my son on a mini train ride at stone mountain. he was so excited. got him on this car/boat that goes into the water and she started acting like a fool lol.

always looking for things to excite him that are new. so keep sharing your trips cause i'm steady looking for ideas.

Nativa said...

You have a beautiful family. Awesome pictures.

Thanks for visiting!

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