Is an at-home business or job right for you?

Working from home could mean, for some, the perfect career. In most cases you set your own hours and have very minimal supervision. No annoying co-workers or over –bearing supervisors watching your every move. You can cut numerous expenses, such as child care, commute and wardrobe. However, working from home is not for everyone! It takes self-discipline and a lot of focus to be surrounded by your comfort zone and still be productive. Distractions from every angle are ever present, including all of the things that you really want to be doing (i.e. TV, Facebook, etc.). Even some other things that you’d normally put off (i.e. chores) are within your peripheral view and for some reason, become harder to ignore. Children and pets are also huge distractions when trying to put in hours at an at-home career.  And since there is no one standing over you, the temptations are very easy to indulge in. Below are some tips on what you can expect when working from home and how to avoid or overcome them should you choose to move forward with your at-home career. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

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Summer, Summer, Summertime!!!

It's officially the very 1st day of summer!
Even though it's been feeling like summer since the start of Spring for some of us! Today marks the first day of the FUN season. Baby Lewis is all settled in and I'm adjusting way better than I thought I would. So I'm back to doing what I love ... writing ☺ As a Mommy, I know how quickly having the kiddies home from school can turn into a headache {I have 3 + a newborn running around here!} So I've compiled a new list of inexpensive ways to entertain them and ourselves. Hopefully, once August rolls around we'll still have our homes & sanity in tact!!
Play School - Summer is prime time for kids to get lazy on learning. Head over to and print out fun activities that teach and entertain. You could also break out the coloring books for smaller kids or the flash cards for older kids. It's never too early to start practicing! Mommy perks: smart kids, quiet time & absolutely free
Water Fun - It's hot. What other excuse do you need to find the nearest pool or beach?! Pick up some some beach balls & water games from your neighborhood Walmart and splash it up, while staying cool!
Mommy perks: usually free, worn-out kids after & tons of fun
Bowling - AMF Bowling Centers offer free summer bowling for kiddies!! They even offer adult bowling at discounted prices. It's one of our favorite things to do as a family. The Wii is fun, but it's nothing like the real thing, baby! Sign-up for the kids free coupon at
Mommy perks: cheap fun, family time, worn-out kids after
Wii & other games - Which brings me to my next option! Summer is all about getting some sun, but lets face it - it's also Stormy season. For those rainy days, nothing beats boredom like finding something to do together. Pull out the Wii remotes or the Scrabble board and get lost in the game until the sun is back!
Mommy perks: keep the kids busy, or play with them & never be bored again
Sight-seeing - No matter how long you've lived in your town, there's always something new to see! Maybe a trip to the zoo or seaquarium, even a museum. Take a train ride like we did (that post), and have the kids point out areas they recognize and choose a fun destination!
Mommy perks: cheap fun, worn-out kids
Movie Nights - If you have a game console you can make movie night (or day) super affordable! allows you to virtually rent movies and play them right on your home system. We pay about $8 a month after a free month trial and have movie night every weekend! Another rainy day option or you can find your closest $1 movie and take the family out for a very inexpensive date ☺
Mommy perks: quiet kids, good movies
Internet - Is it sad that my 3 year old can almost navigate the Internet better than me ... and she can't even read!? Lol ☺ keeps her busy for hours when it's just me & her and I'm working on my computer. It teaches them as well, so let them go for it!
Mommy perks: smart kids, quiet time, & absolutely free
Story Telling - The summer is the perfect time to get lost in a good book. I'm an avid reader and the kiddies love a good story as well. Gather at bedtime or better yet, camp out in the living room and share stories. Let the little ones practice reading to improve their skills.
Mommy perks: smart kids, fun times ☺

♥Ciara "Cc" Denise

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