Is an at-home business or job right for you?

Working from home could mean, for some, the perfect career. In most cases you set your own hours and have very minimal supervision. No annoying co-workers or over –bearing supervisors watching your every move. You can cut numerous expenses, such as child care, commute and wardrobe. However, working from home is not for everyone! It takes self-discipline and a lot of focus to be surrounded by your comfort zone and still be productive. Distractions from every angle are ever present, including all of the things that you really want to be doing (i.e. TV, Facebook, etc.). Even some other things that you’d normally put off (i.e. chores) are within your peripheral view and for some reason, become harder to ignore. Children and pets are also huge distractions when trying to put in hours at an at-home career.  And since there is no one standing over you, the temptations are very easy to indulge in. Below are some tips on what you can expect when working from home and how to avoid or overcome them should you choose to move forward with your at-home career. READ ENTIRE ARTICLE

♥Ciara "Cc" Denise

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