Time waits for no one ....

Can you believe it's already 1/2 way through 2009?!?!? This year is really zooming by and I can't help but to think about all the things that I've resolved to do ... and haven't. I've told ya'll once before that I'm the queen of Procrastination .... but this time I think it's something else.
I really am trying to do waaaay too much.
Full time job. Full time Mommy. Full time Wifey. Part time writer. Part time student,
all while trying to stay Full time ME.
Not to mention trying to get every other aspect of my life in order all at the same time.
I have to come up with some kind of plan to balance it all so that I can do all the things that I need to and want to AND still manage to keep my sanity. I know there's a way, since Women have been doing it since the beginning on time ... I just have to find MY way.

Good news ... finally.

I'm a brand new Auntie of a Baby Boy!!!!!
Congrats Mandy ... Love ya'll

Grade A Bullsh*t ...

This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks, I just had more pressing issues to deal with first. What in hell am I suppose to watch on tv now?!?!?!? They've cancelled damn near everything worth watching!!!! I mean really, WTF???? The Game was a really good show, but I kind of knew it was coming. Hell, they wouldn't even give the show a damn hour to thoroughly develope the plot and keep people interested for real. Come to think of it ... has any Ethnic show ever been given an hour slot????

Good Times


All of us


Hanging with Mr. Cooper

Everybody hates Chris

One on One


etc. ... damn, none of them.

Can't recall any and that's sad. I barely watch tv as it is already. But now, I really have no damn reason to, other than the news. Apparently, Ethnicity just isn't that great for ratings, huh???

Wishing you all a Happy Memorial Day
... anybody cooking???

Monthly Updates ...

It's that time again! Head over to my monthly update blog on RedRoom to check out my monthly update ...
Just click on Cc's Links at the top of my blog & select Monthly Updates {easy, right??}

Putting the Crown Away ...

So, this past week I got into a little sumthing with a family member that lead me to realize some things about myself. My hubby calls me a drama queen, but I never believed him. He needed more people, because he couldn't possibly be talking about me, I'm anything but a drama queen. In fact I hate to feel like someone did something that they didn't want to do simply because I made it hard for them to not to ... or do I? Watching and listening to this 'relative' go through the motions over a simple statement that I made was like an out of body experience. As she went on and on about how 'I was trying to hurt her' I really saw myself. Maybe not to that extreme, but definitely in the same area. Wow, I thought ... do I really sound like that??? Are the things I choose to argue about really worth the fuss, or do I simply want things to go my way ... good or bad? If I'm really honest with myself, I would have to say yeah ... I do sound like that and no ... most of what I choose to argue about isn't that damn serious. What I also realized is that a rational mind will get you a whole lot further than the screaming and crying. While my 'relative' cried about why I hate her so much. I really wasn't listening. I was rolling my eyes thinking ... WTF is wrong with this crazy b*tch, much like how my Hubby always heads for the door when I go on my crying spells. However, when I approach him calmly with straight forward questions or comments about whatever it is I've found a problem with, things go very differently. We sit down and we TALK. We communicate and things always get better. Always. So ... looking back maybe I was a bit of a Drama Queen ... going off the deep end because I thought that's what I needed to do to get my point across. Not realizing that there was a better way that didn't require the emotional drain. I've decided to put the crown away, now that I've noticed it's gleam. I'd much rather 'real understanding' over an 'exhausted {most likely fake} surrender'.

SupaStar ... of my life

*****My babes got me seeing stars*****

Family Water Day!!!

Sick as a dog ... but had a ball!!!! Some of the Pics for your viewing pleasure ...

So Glad It's Friday ...

After going without sleep for 36+ hours ... I was no good to anyone for the latter part of the day. Worst part is, I think I'm coming down with a cold. Ugh. Evenstill, I'm going to enjoy my Fam Day tomorrow. So I'm not complaining. I have waaay too much to be happy about right now. I'll post pics when it's all said & done.
**BTW ** It's my step~son's bday ... Happy Bday Jaja!! Cc loves you baby ...

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