Grade A Bullsh*t ...

This has been on my mind for a couple of weeks, I just had more pressing issues to deal with first. What in hell am I suppose to watch on tv now?!?!?!? They've cancelled damn near everything worth watching!!!! I mean really, WTF???? The Game was a really good show, but I kind of knew it was coming. Hell, they wouldn't even give the show a damn hour to thoroughly develope the plot and keep people interested for real. Come to think of it ... has any Ethnic show ever been given an hour slot????

Good Times


All of us


Hanging with Mr. Cooper

Everybody hates Chris

One on One


etc. ... damn, none of them.

Can't recall any and that's sad. I barely watch tv as it is already. But now, I really have no damn reason to, other than the news. Apparently, Ethnicity just isn't that great for ratings, huh???


B-More BAP said...

I am so mad about this too! Most of the reason that I don't watch TV...

fab_E said...

it's a shame that there isn't any decent shows anymore...all we have is re-runs when we can catch them

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

unfortnately House of Payne played back to back is considered an hour of programming. i consider it hell fire balls at my brain tho. death to HoP...i can do Tyler's ignorant movies, but ignorant everyday? homeboy's in otherspace anyone?

most 1hr long black shows only happen on premium channels. like soulfood, #1's ladies detective agency, etc. network tv feels like we are too fickle of an audience to cater to, so it's longshot chances on cable that fizzle after a few seasons due to lost of original material & giving in to stereotypical story lines.

KIM said...

You are so right I never thought of that. Only half hour shows! Dag! I knew the game was going!
Nice Blog I will be back.

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