Music Makes Me Happy

So, I've been running through all my old cds and flipping through youtube videos for the better part of today and I swear to you ... I've experienced every emotion one person can possibly feel in one day!! I've been crying, laughing, staring blankly at nothing in paticular, all because of whatever song is on at any given moment. Sounds like I've on some type of drug, right?!?!? Well, glad to say it ... I'm drug free cause that's the way to be. The only thing that's been gettin' me high today is good ole' MUSIC. Love it, all of it. I've been listening to everything from the old New Edition to the New {but old now!} New Edition!!! Montell Jordan, Aaliyah, Monifah, Total ... even N-Toon. Don't know who that is???? Well, I'm sure you know of Young Lloyd {Street Love, Southside, You, Girls around the world} ... it's the group he started out in many many many years ago, google it. It's crazy, cuz I didn't even know he was in that group and I've been looking for that song "Ready" forever!!! I'm just ramblin' now, but I've definitely been in my zone today. Good times. Good times.



Necole said...

I go through the same emotions when I flip through old skool joints....

Ummmm....just might do that tonight:)

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

mad at you for the

That Kid said...

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BRIA said...

hey diggin ur blog..follow me on my blog!!

Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

Wow Aaliyah, and Total. You brought it baaack! lol! is def a feel good thing!

Nice blog! Glad I dropped by! :) we're now following you!

-Kelly of *AF*

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