Underneath the Stars ...

The Hubby & I were kidless this weekend and decided to act on the gift that it was. We drove down to The Keys and experienced our most beautiful & peaceful weekend since the babies started rollin' in. We cruised down Duval Street, then visted some of the shops {the ones that were opened round 11'ish} and then hit the beach. It was nice just to be out of the everyday surroundings. It was a first for both of us, which is really sad once you take in the fact that we've both pretty much lived in Sunny SoFlo all of our lives. It definitely won't be the last, though.

THE MOST AWESOMEST GADGET, EVER ... okay maybe not ever, but it REALLY came in handy on our trip. Like I said before, we had never been there and nobody that we knew could really tell us how to get there and what to expect. When I say this little thingy took us straight to our parking spot with turn by turn audio instructions ... I was amazed. Even got us to the beach without having to ask the mostly drunken locals or the other obvious tourists. I know I'm probably crazy late on this, but none the less I am enlightened. You know it's gonna take permanent residence in my truck. I get lost every where I go. Seriously. But not anymore!!!

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