Mello Mondays

Downtown Hollywood's best kept secret, I kid you not. Blusters is DEFINITELY the place to be on Mondays!! I am not a PARTY animal in any sense of the word. I prefer blockbuster nights over loud music & drunk bitches any day. But last night ... a Monday night at that ... was well worth the trip, even AFTER a 12 hour workday. Spoken word performances. Live, original music. Food & drinks. I was in heaven.

More than a couple of times I found myself engulfed in the words of the many artist & poets who took the stage. Amazed at the apparent absence of fear. Inspired by the obvious love for the craft. Virgins had their "cherries" popped, while the Vets were welcomed with opened arms & applause. Whatever your style, the floor was your pad, while your words and tears supplied the ink to express your story. I felt at home.

So, yes ... Blusters will be the new hang out spot.


Miah Gamati said...

maybe we can go there together one day... as much of a writing fanatic i am ive never been to a spoken word...can u believ it...i

Cc.Denise said...

That was my first time and I feel in love. I had always wanted to go but never got around to it. I'm ready whenever you are. We can go next Monday if you want, let me know.

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