Happy B~Day to Me ... Happy B~Day Little B ... and some otha sh*t

Today is the Big 2~4 for me and I share this special day with an old friend of mine's daughter!!!!! I'm at work but you should see all the love ... I'll defintely post pics later tonight. Not big on the party scene so I'll probably be in chill mode for the rest of my day. The best part is ... I'm on vacation after this, bitches!!!! And believe me, I need one ... from everything!!!! Also, don't forget to check out my pro~blog at Redroom for my monthly update ... just click on Cc's Links at the top of this page and then on Cc's Monthly Updates.

be back soon ... Cc.

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Miah Gamati said...

YAAAH! happy b-day to CC and my baby Little B! I got her a big huge cake to tear up all by herself... its her day and she can do what she wants...lol

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