I got Tagged!

Farrielle tagged me to list 7 things that you DON'T know about me. The rules are simple. You're supposed to link to the person who tagged you and write 7 things about yourself. Then tag 7 people and let them know so they can write 7 things. That shouldn't be too hard, let's see ....

1) I'm damn near legally blind ... seriously, but my new glasses almost make up for it {love them}

2) I'm a paralegal.

3) My 3rd favorite past time is target practice at the range.

4) My Hubby is my very first love.

5) My daughter was born on her father's bday ... my gift to him!

6) I'm Bahama bound for my 24th B-day!!!

. . . AND . . .

7) My family is complete ... I don't ever want to be preggers again in this lifetime. Real Talk.

So, there you have it. 7 things that I'm sure you didn't know about me, and to be honest ... that was kind of hard!! Hope you enjoyed.


Bombchell said...

lol girl u so crazy.

aww @ your lovely family. =/ im not doing anything for my 24th.

Cc.Denise said...

Lol ... I'm so serious! You should always do something for your bday, even if it's just taking some time for yourself. Thanks for commenting!!

Miah Gamati said...

girl i know how u feel about that pregnancy thing...it aint nooooooo joke. ugh...i hated it.

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