It's About Time

August 1/ Week 1/ 0 lbs.

I would love to start this off by saying that I'm getting back in shape after having my baby! But let's be real ... my "baby" just turned 3 years old last month. I've long since run out that as a legitimate excuse! Every since I can remember compiling my very first 'New Years Resolution List' there has been one item that never fails to make the top 5 ... one point that I never seem to be able to mark off ... one check mark that NEVER makes the cut. Losing weight as always been an issue for me. I've been up and down most of my life and even during the times where I was happy with the way I've looked, I was never happy with the numbers. The scale and I have continued a love-hate relationship since we've been acquainted and I'm ready to change it all now. Why now? Because I realized recently that if I'd been serious about this from day one, it would all be behind me already, literally. Every time an event comes up I think,"I'd be ready by now if I would have started months ago!" Well, let's just call today "months ago" because that's exactly what it will be when I look back in a few months! When it comes time to compile that list of things I want to accomplish in 2011, I will really have to sit down and think about it because there will be no leftovers from 2010! Everything that I've wanted to accomplish thus far is well on it's way, if not completed ... the big move {check} ... starting my own company {check} ... publishing my first book {check} 2010 has shown me that absolutely nothing is holding me back so there is absolutely no reason for me not to be in the best shape of my life. The Plan has been printed out and posted on my fridge AND my bathroom mirror. The alarm clock has been set, the ipod is ready ... It's about time!
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