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From the moment that I knew I was pregnant, I knew she was a girl. It wasn't just the fact that I felt just about every pregnancy symptom imaginable within 3 weeks of conceiving right up until the day that I delivered her (It's an old wives tale that girls make you sicker during pregnancy due to increased estrogen). It was a connection that I felt almost immediately. There is absolutely nothing like the bond between mother and daughter. She's my best friend and the most hilarious person that I know. She's taught me so much about myself and life in general, just as I'm teaching her as we go along in this journey together. Life is always the best teacher, but at least she knows that she will never have to face any obstacle alone.

Raising my daughter to be a strong, smart and independent woman is one of my top priorities. Too many young girls are falling short of the simple and basic principles of life, like pride and self respect. A lot of the traps that our babies are falling into can easily be avoided with just a little womans' intuition. The problem is that we aren't being taught or are not teaching just how to listen to that intuition. We're giving away our power by the loads full simply because we don't know how to use it and it has to start somewhere. It should start at home because please believe that while you are awaiting the right time to bring it up, she's learning from everything else around her. TV or friends who really don't know anymore than her; The blind leading the blind!

This is an important matter that will continue to resurface until we really start paying attention. Not trying to control or change them, but getting involved in their lives so you know whats going on. Maintaining the bond so that you can tell when somethings wrong,  when it's time to ease up and let them find their way, or when its time to pull the parent card! There is no sure fire way to ensure that your children will blossom into a model citizens, but when you equip them with the right tools & knowledge you can rest assured that you did your part.

♥Ciara "Cc" Denise
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Mista Jaycee said...

Hey CC,
I got a Daughter myself and I understand what you mean. Having a Daughter is a great responsibility not to be taken lightly.

Ciara Denise said...

Very true!

Thanks for visiting!

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