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For the Young who want to
Talent is what they say you have after the novel is published and favorably reviewed. Beforehand what you have is a tedious delusion, a hobby like knitting.
Work is what you have done after the play is produced and the audience claps. Before hand the friends keep asking when you are planning to go out and get a job.
Genius is what they know you had after the third volume of remarkable poems. Earlier they accuse you of withdrawing, ask why you don't have a baby, call you a bum.
The reason people want M.F.A's, take workshops with fancy names when all you can really learn is a few techniques, typing instructions and somebody else's mannerisms.
Is that every artist lacks a license to hang on the wall like your optician, your vet proving you may be a clumsy sadist whose fillings fall into the stew but you're certified a dentist.
The real writer is one who really writes.
Talent is an invention like phlogiston after the fact of fire.
Work is its own cure.
You have to like it better than being loved.
~Marge Piercy~
I read this poem today and related immediately.
You have to absolutely LOVE what you do even if no one else loves you for it ... yet!


daniel said...

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it'sok2bu*nique* said...

wow this touched me on so many levels...keep em coming!!!

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

this is very true. it's what fueled me to keep trying to do what i love despite my parents making me go to school for something more "reliable". and for a while it was just a hobby for the people around me. if i didn't love what i did, i would have just given up and stuck to reliable, instead of pursuing and accomplishing my dreams.

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