Damn ... is it August already?!?!?!?

Where does the time go???? It seems like just yesterday I was hand feeding my daughter because she couldn't do it by herself, now she's running around telling me what she will and won't eat!!! This year has truly flung by. Soon it'll be time to start all over with a brand new year. I must say, I'm looking forward to it. Next year I'll be 25, officially a grown ass woman ... not to down play the fact that I've been holding down a full fledge family for 3 years now and have been on my own since 17. At 25 you really have no excuses not to have the life you really want or at least KNOW the life you want and have a plan on how to get there. It's waaaay too late to blame it all on Mommy and/or Daddy and hopefully you are past the days of 'blaming it on the alcohol'. It's definitely time to take a seat and access where you are and where you're going. This week I'm on Vacay ... so I'll have plenty of time to plant some of the seeds I plan to cultivate throughout the next five years and the rest of my life. So much I want to do ... I love new beginnings!!! Be back very soon ...



tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i agree..@25 i say chicks are grown. in fact...i say that's when yall are OLD! no shade, i prefer them old..just saying! lol

Cc.Denise said...

LMAO!!! Not old ... more experienced!!! You are too much!

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