The Secret

I ran across something yesterday that really intrigued me. Obviously, because I'm writing about it here. It was a video on the Law of Attraction, which from what I gather is nothing new. It's been around since forever and what it basically states is that whatever is in our lives, be it good or bad is something that we've attracted ourselves. It also states that whatever reality you've come to know can be altered as much as you'd like simply by changing what you attract to your self. This really struck home for me because I was trying to practice this without even knowing that a principle existed on it. I made up my mind a loooong time ago that I didn't want any negative forces in my life if I could help it. A long journey later, I truly do feel more at peace due to eliminating the things that were draining me. I've surrounded myself with people who I KNOW have my best interest at heart and who really love me. And I FEEL the difference. But this video went on to discuss and portray how this principle can and should be used through out your entire life, yielding benefits beyond your wildest dreams. I must admit, the scenarios that were displayed seemed a little far-fetched to me ... but all the same it's worth a try if they say it's that easy. What I truly believe is that visualizing what you really want helps make the dream more real for you, which in turns makes you work harder to get it becasue you feel like you're almost there. So, yeah I get most of the what is being explained about the Law of Attraction. If you know more, feel free to enlighten me!! Here's a link if you want to know more about The Law of Attraction.

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