I am a B.I.T.C.H.

B.eautiful I.ntelligent T.alented C.ourageous H.umble

Just a few of the things that describe me best. I work hard to be all that I am, and it ain't easy let me tell you. Some may look at the word as a derogatory term, and in most cases it is meant that way. Used by many who can't or don't know how to deal with a strong-willed woman who doesn't bend with the wind. Or someone who will tell you exactly what's on her mind without a care of how you'll take it. Or maybe that chick who knows she doesn't want to talk to you so won't waste any time taking your number or giving you hers. Doesn't sound to bad a title, if you ask me. Don't get it wrong now ... calling me a bitch in the wrong sense might ignite a fire you can't handle, simply because I know what you are TRYING to say. But in my world it's used as a term of endearment and friendship ... i.e., I roll with BADD BITCHES.

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