Yes, we all know that times are hard right now , but the kiddies shouldn't have to suffer because of it. There is always something for them to do, and you'd better find a way because they will SERIOUSLY drive you crazy. Here are 10 ways to make sure they get your money's worth of fun during these economically stressful days ...

*Drive in movies*
It usually costs about $4 for adults and kids are free. You can take your own food. PLUS, once they fall asleep {and you know they will} they are already comfortable in their car seats, no lugging required.

*Picnic in the park*
Beautiful view & room to run around ... need I say more.

*Backyard sprinkler fun*
You can set up a slip & slide, usually about $10 or use your sprinkler system at home. If you pay for water you can easily set up a little kiddie pool.

*Take a walk*
Relieve your stress while exhausting their energy. Win, win situation.

You can attend Children author readings or create your own by using the audio/book sets in the kid section.

*Arts & Crafts*
Put together puzzles, make bird houses using ice cream sticks, make a mural with washable paint, or create decorations for the holidays. The list goes on and on. See your local craft store for more ideas.

*Train ride*
My family & I recently tried this one for the first time, and I def recommend it. It's was $5 each for the Hubby & I and kids ride free. The kids were glued to the window as all the scenery zoomed by. Of course, everything is a competition, so they tried to beat each other yelling out what they recognized. They had a blast and went straight to bed when we got home. ;-) You see my pics from that trip here.

My 3 year old plays better than everyone in the house, so it's def kid friendly. We love it, and it really does take up a lot of time once you get wrapped up in it. Some options include family bowling night, boxing night, baseball night ... we even have a puzzle game that we can use our own pictures on.

*Bake together*
Kids love to help out and they will love to decorate and eat the frosting!!

*Let the kids chose an activity*
You'd be surprised what kids come up with to do. Have you ever watched your children play?? They can seriously go all day doing the most basic activities, and have a blast while doing it. Trust that you will be exhausted but you will laugh none stop!!!

Feel free to post any of your own ideas or your experiences using the ones I've posted!!!



tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

luckily for me my son is a little 3. so wherever we go he gets in free.

if they ask if he's 2 or under. i just say yes. we go to the zoo, stone mountain park, puppet shows. only place i have to pay for him is at Monkey Joe's and there adults are free. so can't really blame my son for breaking me during the recession. all his fun really is free, except damn chuckie cheese. we spend so much money trying win those stupid stuff animals it don't make any sense.

Cc.Denise said...

Me, too!! Everywhere we go, the kids are twins, lmao. I hate Chuck*E*Cheese. Everytime we go theres an outbreak scene in my house. Everyone gets sick, but me. So guess who has to clean it all up?!?!?

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