Accept it & move the f**k on

Obviously, age has absolutely nothing to do with maturity level. At what point do you grow up and realise that your life is you own and that no one, except you can hold you back. Whatever it is that you feel is stopping you from being the person you want to be ... accept it for what it is and keep moving forward. It can only win if you dwell on it. Life is about so much more than your past.

It's no one elses fault that you can't get your life together.
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Kelly Nina Kiyyah said...

hey Cc...

more ppl these days need to take responsibility for themselves....i totally agree with ur post!!! ppl need to stop makin so many damn excuses and take life for what it is cuz at the end of the day (as i always say) IT IS WHAT IT IS....

kiyyah of the *AF* girls

tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

but if it's no one else's fault, who's fault is it? lol

personal responsibility is lacking in so many people. i've actually had discussions that turned into arguments because ppl are so quick to blame everyone & everything else. and it seems as if when you do get your life together ppl get mad and try to act like it's a bad thing. i've had so many chicks tell me, "you've got your life together and know what you's not fair you want me to fit into your life".

my reply is, the only reason you need to fit in is because you have no plan. let me plan be your plan. damn.

the.kisser said...

yup! we can be our worst enemies or our greatest motivation. great thought to ponder, thanx.


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