To three, or not to three ... that is the "real" question.

If you're like me, you haven't missed an episode of The Game since 1/11/11! Although there are some characters and scenarios that I'm currently voting to have written off {{ I strongly dislike the new BritBrat}}, I still love the "real life" issues that are tackled on the show. In fact, there's probably alot to be learned from that lifestyle, whether you have it or not ... here's a bit of what I've got so far.

No one really wants to share their man with another woman {{or man, for that matter}} Before you find yourself in a situation that you can not handle, you'd better think it ALL the way through.

Babies don't keep men ...  But a good man will always put his child first.

Crazy desperation is NOT a good look for anyone ... as cute as she is, she doesn't wear crazy well.
Let him go if he don't want you.

What you do, does affect your kids ... but you are still the parent. Beat your kids & don't let them talk to you any kind of way because what they don't learn at home, someone else {{who doesn't care one bleep about them}} will teach them.

♥Ciara "Cc" Denise
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