Finally Settled In

It's been about a month or so since the big move and we're finally settled in! Whew, that was hard work and I'm glad it's over!!! I'm loving Orlando, thus far and can't wait to start exploring more of my new world. Now that we're pretty much back to our normal schedule, I'll be writing and updating alot more. This year is turning out to be really awesome. The kids are starting school, my book will be officially released very soon, we're even working on a family business. Life is good and it's all based on the decisions that you make ... DECIDE WISELY!

♥ Ciara


tha unpretentious narcissist© said...

it's good to see you blog. congrats on your move & settling in. hope you enjoy orlando. i wasn't really a fan when i used to stay down there. too many tourist and a trillion old people on the road at all times of the day.

Ciara Denise said...

I felt that way about Miami, and this definitely isn't as bad as there. It's not my forever home becasue i eventually plain to move out of Florida, but for now it's nice. It's good to be back, thanks!

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