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Christmas time always takes me back to a time when life was worry free. My biggest concern was trying to figure out what was underneath the tree for me. Did I get what I really wanted?!?!? It truly is the most wonderful time of year simply because it brings back so many wonderful memories. Family, fun, food and the ultimate selflessness time of the year. When I was a kid the joy was in having time off from school, time with the fam and getting a boat load of gifts that I wanted. Now as an adult my joy is in having time off from work to appreciate ALL the things I work so very hard to maintain ... mainly, my family!! Just imagining the looks on my babies' faces is enough to make me run out in Black Friday traffic! I really can not wait for X~mas day even more so than when I was on the receiving end of the gift giving. Now~a~days the newcomers like Spongebob and Dora are what excites the kiddies. But this time of year also takes me back to the classics that always excited me like Dr. Suess and Mickey Mouse. It's hard to imagine myself as a kid when looking at my babies. But it's true ... before the jobs and bills ... we were all worry free kiddies. This year let's take the time to stop and enjoy our biggest and most valuable accomplishments, Family. Read one of your favorites to your children or watch a movie that seemed so real to you when you were a child with yours. Just take yourself out of the hustle of adult life and celebrate the kid that we all have inside of us.

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tha unpretentious narcissist © said...

i agree. Christmas has become so much better since i've had my son. i've gone & got a tree. decorated it & let him put his own decorations on. we went and saw christmas lights at the different parks. went and did all the events & parades. i can't wait till he sees his gifts on christmas. i'm probably more excited then him. can't wait to stay up all night putting his toys together for him to take 3 minutes to destroy them. i now see why this was my dad's favorite holiday.

Mista Jaycee said...

I have always loved the Christmas season. The way the sky is so dark it's purple at night. The crisp air! But it has always been a time of great upheaval and transition for me so I am cautious during my Adult years but I still get excited about it!
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