A Woman's Guide to Survival

Hey bloggers!! It's been awhile since my last post. I've been taking some time to clear my mind & gather my thoughts. But, I'm back and you should be reading alot more from me for awhile because there has been a lot running through this mind of mine!!
In the works is a new site I've created specifically for the Young Modern Mommy. I know first hand the struggles of successfully maintaining everything that is important in a mother's life. Taking care of self, while taking care of the family, holding down a job and pursuing passions.
In the meantime, I  want to share this article that was forwarded to me by a friend of mine. All of this is Xtra true. Every woman should take heed and demand the respect they deserve.

A Woman's Guide to Survival

10. Be selective in Friendships
Friendship is not a charity, it's a give and take relationship. Your friends should be people you love, admire and respect. Don't be afraid to expand, or change your circle of friends. As you get older, you may head in a different direction than those you once considered your 'BFF'. As you evovle and mature, you may grow apart from friends who no longer fulfill you - it's ok! Hold this person in your heart, but be true to yourself when devoting time, energy and emotion to anyone you seriously consider a 'friend'

9. Re-Invent yourself when Necessary
Self-reinvention is a way to constantly reflect and assess your goals and priorities in your personal, academic and professional life. The concept of self-reinvention allows you to reconsider your lifestyle and, at any given moment, change a particular course of action. The beauty of this process is that you don't have to beat yourself up about behavior you consider undesirable. You should actually feel great that you have enough sense to realize the error of your ways (whatever they may be), and can spontaneously commit to change. Congratulations - you solved a problem!

8. Protect Yourself
HIV/AIDS is the #1 killer of black woman ages of 19-27 in America. You are not corny or lame if you insist on an HIV test before having sex with someone. In fact, you're STUPID to give up responsibility for your health and put your life in someone else's hands.

7. Jealousy is a Wasted Emotion
People who love themselves and recognize their worth are unable to be jealous of others. Why? You should be so preoccupied with loving yourself and changing what you don't like, you have no time to worry about what others are doing. Being jealous of someone is a waste of energy. You cannot control other people and the choices they make, or the luck they have. Weak people let other's circumstances affect their self-love and/or self-worth. Resist the temptation to be envious, as it will get you nowhere. If anything, let other people motivate you to achieve certain goals for yourself.

6. Carry yourself like a Lady
Embrace that which makes you a woman, and by all means, take advantage of the privileges that we have. Force men around you to treat you with the respect they would their mother, aunt or sister. Insist that your doors be opened for you, order your food first in a restaurant, and sit in the front seat if you are the only female in the car. There is nothing wrong with being 'pleasantly demanding'. Along with the privilege of womanhood comes a certain responsibility. Being a true 'lady' means you exhibit manners that would make your grandmother proud, your clothes are tasteful and appropriate for your age and your hair and nails are always clean. These little things make a big difference in how you are viewed by outsiders, and the quality of men that you attract.

5. Keep up with Current Events
Staying in touch with what's going on in the world is very important. Not only is it important to be aware of national and global issues, it makes you a lot more interesting to others because you always have something to talk about. It doesn't take much to watch the news, read the newspaper online, or buy an issue of TIME magazine or Newsweek. Don't forget - parents and teachers are a great source of information on current events, and would love to have a conversation with you about something 'serious'.

4. Travel
Do you have a passport? If not, get one. Before you are saddled with the resposibiliteis of a job and a family {Cc Note: or after the kids are out of the house!}, take advantage of your freedom and travel. Instead of buying a new outfit, buy a plane ticket. See other parts of the world and observe other cultures. More importantly, have fun! Plan a trip with a friend to a social event in another city, a beach island, or a city in a foreign country. Capture your memories with photos, in a diary or a blog. You will cherish them forever.

3. Be Proud to be Black
{Cc Note: Whatever culture you are, be proud. Everyone has something special to offer}
Black culture and heritage is based on strength, preseverance, and rich talents. You should have an overwhelming sense of cultural pride - as black people, we are very special. Don't ever feel as if you aren't equal to another person simply because you're black. If you have any question as to the importance of black people in our society, or how smart beautiful, talented, funny and fascinating we are, start reading. Watch old movies. Read plays. Go see plays. Buy tickets for dance and musical performances. Seek opportunities to study academic topics involving, or related to, black people. Talk to your relatives that lived through some of the historical events you've heard about. Get on the Internet and study people with whom you're familiar. Keep in mind, black pride doesn't mean exclusion of others. It is most impressive when you seek to educate other cultures about the beauty and greatness of being black.

2. Have a Cause
As long as you're here, it is your duty as a human being to help make the world a better place. Let your natural talents and passion lead you to an issue that keeps your attention, and to which you can commit your time and money. Get involved with groups that already exist. If your particular cause is new or unique, start your own group and make your friends join. Helping others is an easy way to feel good about yourself, and invest in the future of your community.

1. Love Yourself
This is #1 and most important, yet challenging, mission to accomplish. Self-love is critical to survival at any age, and may be quite a personal journey. Loving yourself means recognize, developing and honoring a sense of self-worth. Loving yourself means you have zero tolerance for anyone or anything that doesn't love you and respect you. Love yourself also means you must treat yourself well, simply because no one else will do it for you.
Cc Note: There you have it ladies, our very own blue print. It seems hella easy while reading but I know first hand that it's a constant work in progress to become the woman you want to be. It's not impossible, though.



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